Can I bring my dog?

No, please leave all your pets at home. This is a farming area and the site is surrounded by sheep. In addition, dog pooh is a bit of a hazard to children that roam the site.

Where can I find out when people are playing?

Updates on the line up are posted on Facebook. Music starts at 5pm on Friday and ends at 4pm on Sunday.

What day can I arrive?

The site opens at 12 noon on Friday. Music starts at 5pm to give you time to arrive and set up. The site closes to vehicles at 10pm on both Friday and Saturday night. Please remember that the site closes completely at 6pm Sunday and you are expected to have left happily by then.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, but under 18s do need a responsible adult with a valid ticket on site and we do operate a Challenge 25 policy at the gate and the bar. So young adults should bring their ID. Kid’s tickets can only be bought at the gate. Parents, please do not leave young children unattended in the kid’s area, it is not a crèche. Put your phone number on their wristband, but not their name (make sure your network has reception first). Please make sure your older children know where to find you.

Can I bring my instrument to play anywhere?

Yes! There will be a busking spot in the Trader’s field. However, drumming or amplified music is not allowed between the hours of 11pm and 10am.

Can I bring my djembe or other drum?

Yes, but we request that all drum playing and amplified music ends at 11pm for the courtesy of our neighbours and campers trying to sleep. You can start fresh at 10am in the morning.

Can I bring my dog?

Still no, sorry.

Can I bring my own drinks?

Please remember that we are trying to make money for charity, so consider not bringing drinks or food. There will be a licensed bar on site selling real ales amongst the usual stuff. If you can’t do without bringing your own, bring a small quantity in plastic bottles as we don’t allow glass on site. No drinks will be allowed through from the campsite into the event site.

Can I bring glass bottles?

No, we have a no glass policy on site as broken glass is no good for bare feet or sheep to eat. Glass bottles will be confiscated on your arrival, so please decant into plastic bottles (they’re still recyclable) before you come.

Will there be a family camping area?

Yes, you will be directed to the quiet camping area on request when you arrive. But please note, this is a small site.

What happens to lost kids?

They will be directed by a steward to either the site office or the gate. Please do not leave young children unattended in the kid’s area, it is not a crèche. Put your phone number on their wristband, but not their name (make sure your network has receptiong first). Please make sure your older children know where to find you.

Will there be a vegetarian caterer on site?

Yes, vegan food and meat will be available too. There is also a licensed bar serving real ales amongst the usual stuff.

What disabled facilities do you have?

Please let us know your requirements beforehand so that we can do our best to meet your needs. Things that we can provide are convenient parking and camping near the event area, electric supply for charging wheelchairs and disabled access toilet facilities. The main building has 2 access ramps in place.

Where do we dispose of rubbish on site?

Due to our environmental policy there will be plenty of recycling points around the site. Please make good use of these and anything that cannot be recycled please dispose of carefully in the litter bins or take home with you. Spontaneous litter picking is much appreciated. Camping is on a field and sheep may be grazing here after you have left, so please leave nothing behind. Weirdly sheep do not eat cigarette butts!

Can we have fires and barbecues in the camping fields?

No, fire and tents don’t go well together, nor do fire and playing chidren. If weather permits (not too dry, not too wet) there will be a communal fire in the Trader’s area.

Do we have to pay to park?

There is a charge for car / van parking & for live-in vehicles. This will go towards preparing and clearing the field and of course lots of toilets. Live-in vehicle tickets can only be bought online. Note that if you take your vehicle off site during the event, your parking is no longer guaranteed.

Are there any local facilities?

In Llanfyllin, which is within walking distance (1/2 mile), there are the usual town services including two supermarkets: one at Denby’s the chemist (which has a lot of good offers and off licence) and SPAR (which has a cash machine and off licence). There are 3 pubs, a bakery hidden in the old bank across the square, a phone box and a lovely Charitiy shop with amazing prices. Please note that there is no petrol station! The nearest one is in Llansantffraid ym Mechain,  which is about 6 miles away.

Can I bring my dog?

No, please leave all your pets at home. This is a farming area and the site is surrounded by sheep.

Do mobile phones work on the site?

Usually only EE and Vodafone work and this does depend on the direction you are facing at the time!

Is there free Wifi?

There is free Wifi, but with so many people on site it can get overloaded.

Is there a cash machine?

No, but there’s one in walking distance at Spar. Don’t rely on paying by card on site, you may well need cash.

Where does all the money go?

Most of the workers on site are either volunteers or are paid a pittance for working themselves into a frenzy. Their aim is for us all to have a good party and donate potential profits to the Workhouse charity (The Llanfyllin Dolydd Building Preservation Trust, charity number: 1091097), so that the building is restoredm available to the community and for more lovely parties with lovely people. Please visit for more details.

Can I park my car by my tent?

You will not be able to park with your tent, so you may have a very short walk to make with your kit. When we say short, we mean it. Parking isn’t 3 miles away like some festivals. This is a compact site and the furthest possible camping spot will be no more than about 100 yards. We’ve made this rule to help prevent accidents and for the comfort and security of our campers and local residents. Live-in vehicles will be directed as to where they can park.

Can I bring my caravan, mobile home, live-in vehicle?

We will have space for a limited number of live-in vehicles / caravans on site. You will be directed as to where you can park. Tickets can only be bought online. If you just turn up, you may be turned away. Remember… NO DOGS are allowed on site and being in a vehicle is deemed to be onsite.

Can I get onto the site for free?

You have two choices – you can either pay or you can volunteer as a steward (if we still have vacancies available). Contact us beforehand if you’d like to steward. You will be expected to pay your ticket up front, but will get the ticket price back during the weekend after you’ve done your hours faithfully.

If you try and blag your way in for free please remember that EVERYONE who has organised this event has given up many, many hours of their own time for nothing, and are not getting paid more than a pittance if anything. We keep the cost as low as possible this way. Please respect those who have worked hard to make this event possible.

Is there Public Transport to the site from local train stations?

Yes, you can get a train to Shrewsbury, Welshpool or Gobowen stations and from these you can pick up local buses to Llanfyllin. The closest railway station is Welshpool with trains coming directly from Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Machynlleth, Aberystwyth and Pwllheli. There are buses from Shrewsbury, Oswestry and Welshpool which are operated by Tanat Valley Buses. If they haven’t updated their website with bus times, do give them a ring. They’re very helpful. It’s a request stop, if you ask for the Workhouse the bus driver will drop you at our gate.

Can I cycle to the event?

Yes! You could cycle to the Workhouse from Oswestry by taking a branch from national cycle route 31 (14.5 miles) or from Welshpool by taking a branch from route 81 (12.5 miles).

When does the site close?

On Friday and Saturday night the gate closes at 10pm for vehicles. On Sunday the whole site closes at 6pm, and you will be expected to have left happily by then.

Can I bring my Yak, Hamster, Goat, Anteater, Horse?

I’m afraid not, it would be unfair to the dog owners.