Food Served from The Workhouse Cafe from 8 am to 8 pm

Cooked Breakfasts – meaty or vegetarian or vegan £6
Breakfast bap – bacon or sausage or egg £4
Chili and rice – beef or vegan £6
Thai Curry and rice – chicken or tofu (vegan) £6
Quiche with salads – broccoli and stilton or red pepper an cheddar £6
Jacket Potatoes filled with a choice from – chili (meat or vegan), beans, cheese, tuna, served with salad £5
Toasties – brie and cranberry or cheese and tuna or cheese and ham £4.50
A selection of homemade cakes brownies, blondies, lemon drizzle, carrot cake, banana and coconut (vegan and gluten free) and flapjack £2/2.50
Teas (various) and instant Coffee £1.50
cans of “pop” £1.50

Gluten free options available

No nuts or sesame seeds will be used in the kitchen this weekend, but we can’t guarantee our ingredients


Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm a Chip van will be onsite serving hot food

Ice Cream will also be available onsite from an ice cream van onsite Saturday and Sunday