“The Workhouse Party supports the Llanfyllin Workhouse project – a charitable environmentally sustainable community project. Workhouse prioritises local traders to reduce food miles and makes every effort to re-use or recycle materials”

As the Workhouse team is committed to the environment we have created a list of useful tips below to enable everyone at the Workhouse help care for the environment:


There will be plenty of recycling points throughout the site – so essentially there will really be no excuse but to recycle.

We have a dedicated recycling team in place who are enthusiastic and dedicated to the cause. We are asking all festival goers to help them out by making sure that the correct recycling bins are used throughout the weekend as having to separate everyone’s rubbish and recycling is a time-consuming and messy job!

Compost Your Food

All waste food can be placed in the compost bins provided.

Put Litter In Bins

Please pick up litter and don’t leave it behind. There will be plenty of litter bins all over the site for you to use.

Save Water

Please do not leave taps running. If you see any leaking taps please tell one of our stewards or report it at the site office.


Please remember there is a No Smoking in the building… but there will be plenty of covered spaces outside.

Please put cigarette butts in ashtrays, after all, they are toxic to livestock.